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Yeah, I get it. Your too busy. Well, your on a path of destruction and aging faster than your health age. I have been down that path and sincerely understand your pain but it's just a limited belief you made up in your head. Stop for a second and imagine where you will be one year from now if you commit to living a healthy lifestyle. You may start sleeping better, feeling more confident, having great sex (yeah I went there), becoming more productive, being much happier, or you may do something you have never done before because it was to difficult. I should have put some precautionary warnings to living a healthier life. But seriously, just imagine if you decided to "Just Do It'' and start living a healthy lifestyle. Where will you be a year from today? Stop for a second, grab a piece of paper, and right it down. Just do it. :) Ok Lets take baby steps and start by changing 3 habits.

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Drink more water


          Water is the absolute most important habit you must master to accelerating your health. Your body is made up of roughly 65% water. And being dehydrated creates a whole slew of chaos. For starters, water aids in digestion and helps with constipation. Have you ever had cotton mouth? Well, that's the first sign that your digestive system is goin to start having issues. Your saliva is filled with digestive enzymes that start the process of breaking down foods. Your saliva is primarily water and if your mouth lacks the necessary enzymes you, not only, will have issues digesting starchy foods but will also have a tremendous amount of bacteria growth in your mouth that will give you dragon breathe. So you start having digestive issues and now you start running into the issue of being able to excrete waste from your body. Your digestive system, kidneys, and liver rely on water to help flush out the waste. Then you start getting constipated because your digestion gets backed up. You don't have the adequate amount of water to help keep things flowing along. And if you keep this up your immune system will be compromised because your body will start having issues with absorbing nutrients and minerals through your digestive tract. Now your poor choices start creating joint pain and tissue issues and eventually leads to an unstable body temperature. All because you weren't drinking adequate enough clean WATER. Not soda, not beer, nor flavored water with preservatives, JUST DRINK MORE WATER. Atleast 3/4 oz of water per pound of body weight. Or just try to drink a gallon a day. 

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